2003 Fight for Tomorrow

This tournament report and decklist by Bryan Reese was extracted from Dr. Zen Faulkes website Steel and Iron: Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2003 21:58:26 -0700 From: sticks@winfirst.com Subject: [L5R-CCG] Gen Con Report Well, I have been back in Sacramento for a day now and figure it is time for me…

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The Oni’s Eye – Episode 1 – A Kolat Revealed

Sorry on the delay of the podcast folks.


In Episode #1, we reveal ourselves to the masses.  Brad sits down with the lead designer of the Legend of the Five Rings CCG, Bryan Reese, to talk about the Ivory Edition design diaries. Included are your submitted questions as well as various questions I had as well.  I try to give you, the listener, more insight into the playtest process as well as the design process with my questions.

Also, we, um, extracted a couple of informational spoilers out of Bryan in this episode as well. Must have been too much sake.

Strange Assembly Podcast Interview with Brian Reese

Agents have brought us the Strange Assembly Podcast featuring an interview with lead designer Brian Reese. The interview provides some more insight into the rule changes announced in the recent IE design diary and has Mr. Reese’s thoughts on Empire Edition and the climate of the arc. And here’s an…

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