Gen*Con 2014 Report: The Naga Awaken

The 13th day of the month of the Monkey The long journey to the Plains of the Maiden began.  For the next 4 1/2 days, players would be battling against the Dark Naga forces, sparring against others in friendly drafts, and competing for the ultimate title of North American Champion. I…

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The Oni’s Eye – The Coming Storm Set Review

Enjoy our video set review of The Coming Storm with special guests Anthony Ngo (togashiazrael on and Case Kiyonaga (koyuki0 on


2013 Face the Madness

The following is a copy of Tom Kirchgesner’s winning decklist found on the AEG forums: There Can Only Be One Journey’s End Keep Exp Border Keep Exp Bamboo Harvesters Exp Dynasty: 40 1x Ebisu’s Honesty 1x Jurojin’s Blessing 1x The Moon’s Imperative 1x Sadahako’s Artistry 1x Benefices of the Emperor…

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