2007 Test of the Emerald Champion

The following information was taken from Dr. Zen Faulkes website, Steel and Iron: **Note: This is the first World Championship to included two players who had both won a World Championship previously.  Also, this is the first time that a dedicated dishonor deck would win Worlds.** At GenCon 2007, the…

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2006 Battle at the Tomb

This information was extracted from Dr. Zen Faulkes website Steel and Iron: **Note: This was the first World Championship to be played outside the US.  From this point forward, World Championships would be held in the US at Gen*Con one year, and in another country (typically Europe) the next year.**…

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2005 The Fate of Lotus

This information was archived on Dr. Zen Faulkes website Steel and Iron: The Fate of Lotus 2005 Legend of the Five Rings Story Event “At GenCon Indy 2005, the greatest decision in the history of Legend of the Five Rings will be made by one person: whether to grace their…

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2003 Fight for Tomorrow

This tournament report and decklist by Bryan Reese was extracted from Dr. Zen Faulkes website Steel and Iron: Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2003 21:58:26 -0700 From: sticks@winfirst.com Subject: [L5R-CCG] Gen Con Report Well, I have been back in Sacramento for a day now and figure it is time for me…

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1997 Day of Thunder

The following report was taken from Dr. Zen Faulkes Steel and Iron website: It’s not too big an exaggeration to say that The Day of Thunder tournament at GenCon 1997 has become a gaming legend. There was an enormous amount of cool stuff that happened, far too much to be…

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The Oni’s Eye – Episode 5 – The Scorpion’s Sting

It has been a while since our last audio episode, something I plan on correcting as we go forward.

In this episode, we introduce a new member to the team, Casey Smith.  Casey and I discuss the Ivory changes, story, our favorites through L5R history, and talk about the first 3 weeks of the Kotei Season.

The Peasants Revolt

With the official start of the Ivory Arc upon us, we have all begun testing decks in anticipation for Kotei season.  I have been watching games as well as gathering information on what each clan has to offer.  Today I am going to talk about the deck that seems to…

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Torn Asunder: The Crane

Our agents gathered all of today’s previews at the Home of the Crane Clan. From the Imperial Palace comes the Ninja follower, Goju Kaxt.

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Master Tiger’s Thoughts: The De-evolution of Crane Dueling

Brian Fox is a long time Crane Clan player and a very strong player who has won major events and been extremely competitive for a long time.  When he is saying the Crane Magistrate Dueling isn’t playable, he’s usually right.  This has been a hot topic on the both the…

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