Kolat Information Network: Alternate Art Sneak Attack Promo

Kolat_Information_NetworkWhile checking out the updated Oracle of the Void today, I stumbled upon this promo:



Sneak AttackI have never seen this artwork before (Shen Fei piece is amazing) and it has the Ivory Edition wording despite only having the Emperor Edition bug.  Does anyone have a copy of this promo yet?


A Silken Sect Guild: Top 10 EE Strongholds

“If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.” – Sun Tsu With twice as many strongholds and themes at the start of Emperor Edition, the Kolat have more need of learning their enemies.  Let’s take a look at our picks…

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A Cloud Sect Guide: Top 10 New Cards

Every new set brings new cards into the fold. Here are my top 10 new cards in Emperor Edition: 10. Warded Paths This card has a subtle trait, but one that should not be overlooked.  Being able to as the defender choose the order battles resolve instead of the attacker…

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Raido no Oni Erratum

You have been a bad boy! The following was intercept by our agents from the Imperial City: When we set out to create the Emperor Edition environment, we wanted to make a fun, interesting environment that had something for everyone. We feel that we have done a pretty good job…

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A gift from the Kolat: Free Demo Decks

Our informants from the Chrysanthemum Sect intercepted this message from the Imperial City: That’s right, we’re giving everyone new to Legend of the Five Rings the chance to play right away, with nine pre-built decks ready to print and play through March 19! These decks were designed using Emperor Edition…

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2012 Kotei Event Locations Announced

The Kolat have intercepted a message from the Imperial Palace:  2012 Kotei Locations Country City Date TO E-Mail USA Chicago, IL February 25th Mike Colson damnukids@gmail.com USA Feeding Hills, MA February 25th Eric Devlin saberinc@optonline.net France Rennes February 25th/26th Loig Jezequel loigjezequel@gmail.com Canada Vancouver, BC March 3rd Diana Wong aznsafaia@gmail.com…

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Emperor Edition Release Updates

Intercepted from the Imperial Palace just a few minutes ago: Seppun Ritisharu-sama,Hello and welcome to the New Year. I hope you enjoyed yourself at the festivities and I am glad they brought you to the new year safe, perhaps with only a slight headache from too much sake.As you are…

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Emperor Edition: Ronin Preview

 The final set of previews comes from our informants among the Legion of 2K on Nanashi Mura Forum: This stronghold was originally a promo from the Imperial Herald, Palace of the Breaking Dawn. The stronghold quote is what makes it epic.  Bandit Gang is a reprint from the Crimson and…

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12/14 L5R.com Countdown and Facebook Preview

The Facebook Preview is a reprint from Scorpion Clan Coup expansion, Tell the Tale.  While I am a fan of nostalgia and cards that are easy for new players to understand, I can really see this getting much competitive play. The L5R.com Countdown Preview is a new card, The Power…

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