Kolat Information Network: The New Order

Our agents bring word of the third expansion of the Ivory Arc. Master Silk would like to thank Chris Sanderson for the information: In the heart of the Colonies, the two sons of the Divine Empress each make their case to the Great Clans concerning who should eventually succeed their mother and…

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Kolat Information Network: A Line in the Sand & Siege Heart of Darkness

One of our agents, Chris Sanderson, brought me the following message: In the unrelenting summer heat of the Colonies, tempers begin to fray as those with allegiance to Iweko Seiken and Iweko Shibatsu take an increasingly militant stance against those who disagree with their philosophies. While the heirs themselves do…

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The Coming Storm

News continues to flow from our agents around the Empire. The first expansion has been announced to distributors.  The following is a copy of the post from Gnome Games:   AEG17110 L5R: The Coming Storm Booster Display $143.64 SRP SDI In the distant Colonies of the Emerald Empire of Rokugan,…

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The Oni’s Eye – Episode 4 – Aftermath Part 2

Sorry for the delay folks!

Michael Urbi is back on this episode to finish the review of the Aftermath set

Coils of Madness Information

Just like you, the Kolat had to wait to make sure the validity of the information posted about this amazing set was true!  After verifying with several sources, we decided to publish the following info after obtaining it from our spies with in Imperial City: With the threat to the Colonies finally…

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Next L5R Expansion – Torn Asunder

Our spies have infiltrated the Imperial City and returned with this report about the next expansion: Torn Asunder is a booster-only L5R expansion and is only the third booster-only set ever (Forbidden Knowledge and Scorpion Clan Coup Scroll 2) The set includes 150 new Emperor Edition legal cards, including a special Stronghold.…

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Master Tiger’s Thoughts: Most Powerful L5R Expansions #1

Let’s end the suspense. The most powerful expansion in L5R history is nothing but a lie… 1. Web of Lies Cards played (124/156) 79.49% Reprints – 31 Cards errata due to power – 8 I don’t know a player who doesn’t think this is at the very worst in the…

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The Shadow’s Embrace: Crab Clan Previews

Our Yasuki friends have sent us the info that the Crab Previews are up at the Crab Clan Catastrophe.

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Master Tiger’s Thoughts: Most Poweful L5R Expansions #2

These final two sets have a distinction of being tied for the most cards played out of the set of any set in the games history at an astounding 79.49%.  There is little that separates these two set, except for the number of cards errata due to power or broken…

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Master Tiger’s Thoughts: Most Powerful L5R Expansions #3

With over 70% of the cards played in these last 3 sets, none can deny the power in these sets.  So let us see if you are truly enlightened… 3. Test of Enlightenment Cards played (90/124) 72.58% Reprinted cards –  4 + 1 ‘Soul of’ Important cards – too many…

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