Kolat Information Network: The Coming Storm Preview

Welcome my friends!  We have a preview card from the TCS expansion courtesy of our friend, Seth Anthony.  This one looks like someone who enjoys the coin as much as Master Coin.  As a matter of fact, I can hear Luke Skywalker saying: “You can profit by this or be …

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11/6 L5R.com Countdown and Facebook Preview

Today’s L5R.com Countdown card is the follower, Stalking Tiger. 4 Force for a 7 Gold follower used to be a playable follower.  Celestial Edition spoiled us with some of the more powerful followers printed.  Now for a card like Stalking Tiger to get played, it really has to have a …

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11/2 L5R.com Countdown and Facebook Preview

Up first is today’s L5R.com Countdown card, Outriders. This is a simple 3F for 3 Gold Cavalry follower with no abilities (first time that a vanilla Cavalry follower has ever been printed with those stats). The real question is whether it will see play or not. It certainly is possible …

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Second City: Elite Sentry

The following card was originally previewed on L5R.com’s Facebook page. This is a monster of an attachment.  PK action + an ability to straighten the whole unit if it bowed.  Just be glad this is Unique. The Kolat Informant “There is no escape from the Tiger.” @Kolat_Informant on Twitter

Forgotten Legacy: The Vengeful

Today’s L5R.com countdown card is the unique Naga follower, The Vengeful. BTW, your girlfriend called to tell you she’s breaking up with you cause she found someone with a huge snake :D.  (I couldn’t help it) A huge 6F, 8 gold unique Naga follower with a Ranged 7 Attack and …

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Before the Dawn Preview: Kaiu Iemasa, Beautiful Host, Rumormonger, The Crimson Mark, and Tsubute

There are a lot of cards that have been previewed today, so let’s get started. First up is the card from L5R.com, Kaiu Iemasa. This card was designed from the Winner’s Choice events and I must say that it is certainly interesting.  He is the first Crab Clan personality that …

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