Journal of the Tiger: Recaps each day at Gen*Con 2015

I will be doing a report each night and posting them along with photos. I am also going to do some recording as well. To all those who plan on making the journey, see you at Gen*Con!

6th Ring Gencon Announcement

Hello L5Rers! My name is Simon Copp and I am a member of the 6th Ring stream team. The 6th Ring was created in 2012 by Frank Kallal and Josh Kolb to engage the wider community by broadcasting events they were running or attending. Over time the team has grown …

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The Kolat Presence at Gen*Con 2015

As you well know, last year I was at Gen*Con and had originally thought that I would be competing in some of the events such as Big Deck, Siege, the grinder and then hopefully the main event. Other than the Siege event, I decide not to compete in any of …

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