Twenty Festivals Strongholds

News came out from L5R Worlds. The Large set (not quite a base set) in 2015 is Twenty Festivals.  In that set will be starter decks like a base set.  Most strongholds have been changed from Ivory Base.  Below are the strongholds printed in Twenty Festivals as spoiled at L5R…

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New Imperial Herald Mailing: Update 5/9

Our agents intercepted this message over on the L5R Facebook page from Frank Kallal about a new Imperial Herald mailing that he received: UPDATE: Cards become legal on June 1st

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New Promos found on eBay

I was browsing the Merchant District for cheap deals when I ran across two auctions for promo cards I have not seen before: The first one is for an Alternate Art Horobei, the unaligned Duelist Yojimbo Kensai common out of Ivory Edition. The second one is for Alternate Art Mystical Augmentation,…

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The Oni’s Eye – Ivory Edition Dynasty Review

Please ignore the length of the video as it is not that long.
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The Coming Storm

News continues to flow from our agents around the Empire. The first expansion has been announced to distributors.  The following is a copy of the post from Gnome Games:   AEG17110 L5R: The Coming Storm Booster Display $143.64 SRP SDI In the distant Colonies of the Emerald Empire of Rokugan,…

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Eternity Card MRP Distribution

This information was intercepted from the Imperial Palace about the distribution method for the Eternity Card MRP: With the impending release of Ivory Edition, we at AEG are working diligently to provide your store with the tools necessary to grow the L5R Community in your area and ensure movement of…

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End of the Rebellion

Information coming out of the Imperial Palace is that the Peasant Revolt has been quelled by the Imperial Legions. AEG, DT, and playtesters have agreed that the there are issues with the cards in combination. Official statement from Bryan Reese below: Greetings, Samurai of Rokugan! As we prepare for the…

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Kage Sensei: Learn to Play Ivory

The Kolat have heard that you want an Ivory Edition PDF. Unfortunately, I do not have access to such a document (even with my connections). However, with the completion of the majority of the rules and now three Ivory Legal sets (CoM, GoC, AM), I have deviced 9 demo deck.…

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Kage Sensei: Understanding the New Mechanics of Ivory Arc

Over the last few days we have seen more new mechanics as we shift the game from the Emperor Arc to the Ivory Arc.  I think that we should study these new mechanics and keywords to better understand them. Recruit This is more or less a change in terminology. Bringing…

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The Oni’s Eye – Episode 2 – Kolat’s Favor

In Episode #2, Brad sits down with the L5R Community Manager, Seth Anthony.  I wanted to let the players get to know Seth better (how he got into L5R, favorite clan, favorite personality, etc). Also, this episode was about what Seth does for AEG and what he does for the players and retailers.  (Hint: He’s a Kolat double agent) 😀

Seth also brings us some information previously unknown to the masses.