Kage Sensei: Understanding Metagaming in L5R

With Kotei season about to begin, I though this would be a good lesson to talk about for those players wanting to move up from casual level to competitive level. L5R is a complex game but understanding metagaming is a lesson on its own.

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Gempukku Series: An Introduction to Deck Building

Article Submitted by Tony Clayton Before we start, I will first link to a few articles from Strange Assembly’s Newbie Corner series.  These articles all deal with significant parts of the game and are worth a read for any new players as they cover key topics and strategic concepts that…

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The Oni’s Eye – The Coming Storm Set Review

Enjoy our video set review of The Coming Storm with special guests Anthony Ngo (togashiazrael on Twitch.tv) and Case Kiyonaga (koyuki0 on Twitch.tv)


Our New Fallen Lord

Another deck that has the pre-Kotei population buzzing is a deck based around the powerful Fallen personalities and dueling. There are a couple of flavors of this deck currently floating around.  Both of these decks use Military as its win condition and they use dueling to dishonor or remove key…

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The Peasants Revolt

With the official start of the Ivory Arc upon us, we have all begun testing decks in anticipation for Kotei season.  I have been watching games as well as gathering information on what each clan has to offer.  Today I am going to talk about the deck that seems to…

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L5R Gempukku Series: Dirty Koku

With AEG and DT goal of making Ivory more accessible and easier to learn, I have decided to start the gempukku series.  The goal of the series is to introduce the basic lessons to help new and inexperienced players valuable tools to get better. My first topic is one of…

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The Oni’s Eye – Episode 3 – Aftermath Part 1

So I had promised a set review for Aftermath.  We got a little carried away, so I have had to split the episode into two parts for time reasons.  We try to go into depth about each card so that new players will understand.  Also, for these reason, we only talk about the cards from an Ivory perspective, both constructed and draft.

Kage Sensei: Learn to Play Ivory

The Kolat have heard that you want an Ivory Edition PDF. Unfortunately, I do not have access to such a document (even with my connections). However, with the completion of the majority of the rules and now three Ivory Legal sets (CoM, GoC, AM), I have deviced 9 demo deck.…

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Kage Sensei: Understanding the New Mechanics of Ivory Arc

Over the last few days we have seen more new mechanics as we shift the game from the Emperor Arc to the Ivory Arc.  I think that we should study these new mechanics and keywords to better understand them. Recruit This is more or less a change in terminology. Bringing…

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Kage Sensei: The L5R Draft Format

Legend of the FIve Rings was originally designed as a constructed game and occasionally you could play sealed deck.  The sealed deck format however had the issue that there was typically one clan stronghold better than another and that lead to some mixed feelings. With the end of the overpowered…

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