An Alliance with the Kobune Port Forum

Alliance between the Kolat Information Network and the Kobune Port Forums Exciting news comes from the Islands of Spice and Silk! Islands of Spice and Silk, 29th day of the Month of the Dragon – An treaty was signed forming an alliance between the Kobune Port Forums and the Kolat …

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Torn Asunder – The Mantis

Sailing back from the colonies took awhile even in a Mantis vessel due to being delayed leaving the Harbor of Kalani’s Landing. These are the rest of the previews of the set brought to you by Kage’s Teachings, the tea that influences. Blood of the Isawa Tribe Spiritual Coalescence & …

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The Shadow’s Embrace: Mantis Clan Previews

Our fellow Kolat, Dan Dineen, has posted the Mantis Clan Previews over at The Kobune Port. Also, the L5R Countdown page has posted its card of the day, the Strategy Duel to First Blood.