Kage Sensei: Understanding Metagaming in L5R

With Kotei season about to begin, I though this would be a good lesson to talk about for those players wanting to move up from casual level to competitive level. L5R is a complex game but understanding metagaming is a lesson on its own.

Streaming Issues, Looking for More Contributors, and My Current Agenda

Streaming Issues As you may well know, I have not been streaming as of late.  There have been several reasons for that.  The first problem (and biggest problem) is the system I’m using.  The laptop that I have was not designed for gaming and it takes up too many resources …

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Draft Day, A Goodbye and Previews

It’s drafto time! Recently I procured a booster box of The Coming Storm, A Line In The Sand and The New Order as I wanted a collection for my brother and I to share as he has just began playing again after a long absence from the game. He loves …

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Card Evaluation

Welcome back to my little series here. I hope you’ve all had a merry Festivus without an overly long feats of strength. Apologies for the lateness of this article but I’ve had a lot going on so I had to postpone writing for a couple of weeks. I wanted to …

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L5R in 2014: A Year in Review

We are only a few days into 2015 and I’m excited to see what the future holds for L5R CCG but today I review the year that was 2014. Launch of Ivory Edition We started 2014 with the high hopes of Ivory Edition would have the right level both for …

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Blessed Guard Draft Event – North Carolina

Today is going to feature very little from me. Instead what you’re going to read comes from the protagonists of the tournament. It’s great to get the views of others than myself and I would like anybody who reads my articles to get in touch and do the same. I …

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Signalling is a topic that is oft misunderstood and has varying degrees of importance in a draft. It’s not a simple subject and for a large part of this article I’m going to speak in generalisations. Following them makes for a good rule of thumb but the more experienced you …

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Today’s article is a bit of a departure from my previous efforts so I’m going to preface it with a statement: This is a community and organised play article rather than a drafting article. What does that mean? I have a passion for draft but it is only a component …

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The New Order Draft Report

Right folks, it’s time for my tournament report from The New Order release. Being in England we have to wait a little longer for cards to wing their way to us so that’s why you’re getting it now rather than a week earlier. I’m going to take you (haphazardly) through …

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20th Anniversary: Vote for Your Favorite Stronghold

Survey time! This topic was actually posted to the L5R Facebook fan group and I thought this would be a good one to use (Kolat love to use others ideas and take the credit ;). The poll is broken down by clan. You guys have until December 12th to vote!