2014 Kotei & Podcast News

2014 Kotei News John Seals attempted to post pictures of several items that are to be given away at the Kotei this season. Participation: half a Foil Common Set from Ivory (first 56 cards in early season, last 56 in later) Top of Clan: Foil Stronghold for your clan Top…

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Official Ivory Edition Release Date

  With the Ivory Edition Print and Play PDF having been available for about a month now, fans of L5R across the globe are excited for the release of Ivory Edition, the new base set for Legend of the Five Rings. Recognizing that L5R is a product with a global…

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Kolat Information Network: Ivory Previews

Welcome to our official previews for Ivory Edition.  We have four cards to reveal to you today, thanks to our man on the inside, L5R Community Manager Seth Anthony. This first card has a long history within the game and one that saddens us because of the effect it has…

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Kolat Information Network: Eternity Bugged Cards MRP

  Bryan Reese recently spoiled what is happening to the 6 Eternity Bugged cards that were printed in Forgotten Legacy. A Game of Dice will be MRP’d in Ivory with a Gold Cost of 3 Creating Order will be MRP’d in Ivory to target only one unit (instead of one…

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Kolat Information Network: Website Updates

  I would like to apologize for the lack of main page updates in the last couple of weeks. My plan was to have Dan Dineen, L5R Major Events Manager, on for episode 3 of The Oni’s Eye Podcast, however Dan is working on some thinks that are key to…

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Kolat Information Network: Exclusive Aftermath Previews

After many attempts of attempting to infiltrate the Scorpion within the Imperial City, our agents have done so.  Today we bring you our first two exclusive previews, courtesy of agents Nicolas Bongiu and Seth Anthony (thank you guys!) As a Kolat agent, it is important to understand the use of…

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Kolat Information Network: New Promos Found

I received word today from my agent in Europe, Yogo Efe, that he has found some promos that have not (yet) been listed in the Oracle of the Void.  He obtained these 3 promo cards from one of the TO in Spain: The first two promos have a legality date…

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Kolat Information Network: Alternate Art Sneak Attack Promo

Kolat_Information_NetworkWhile checking out the updated Oracle of the Void today, I stumbled upon this promo:



Sneak AttackI have never seen this artwork before (Shen Fei piece is amazing) and it has the Ivory Edition wording despite only having the Emperor Edition bug.  Does anyone have a copy of this promo yet?


Kolat Information Network: GenCon wrap up

As I was personally unable to be there this year, my agents kept a tight grip on information from the event.  Here are the results that have been gathered so far Grinder #1: 53 players This is incredible low number and it was like that all weekend for the constructed…

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Kolat Information Network: Summer Con Pack 2013

Our agents brought a report to me today spoiling the Summer Con Pack contents for 2013: Enjoy and discuss!

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