Kolat Information Network: Alternate Art Sneak Attack Promo

Kolat_Information_NetworkWhile checking out the updated Oracle of the Void today, I stumbled upon this promo:



Sneak AttackI have never seen this artwork before (Shen Fei piece is amazing) and it has the Ivory Edition wording despite only having the Emperor Edition bug.  Does anyone have a copy of this promo yet?


Kolat Information Network: GenCon wrap up

As I was personally unable to be there this year, my agents kept a tight grip on information from the event.  Here are the results that have been gathered so far Grinder #1: 53 players This is incredible low number and it was like that all weekend for the constructed …

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IA 10K Letter

I have taken the liberty of scanning the accompanying letter that came with the IA 10K cards.  Here is the scan below, detailing something quite exciting for the Ivory Arc: ‘