In Search of the Future

Yesterday, FFG posted the next L5R LCG cycling information, the Elemental Cycle. You can find that announcement on their page here. Now they also released some both good and bad information with this. The good information is that this cycle will contain some nonhuman characters like nezumi and ningyo, as…

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Rokugan’s Rebirth

It has been a long wait for this day.  Two years and 24 days or 755 days to be exact.  It seemed like an eternity. As of September 11th 2015, the Collectible Card Game era ended.  I decided to write a final homage to the CCG and 1st through 4th Edition…

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L5R LCG Print and Play Demo Decks

Now that we have had enough cards and rules spoiled, it is time to start playing some games. Below are demo decks designed for each clan so far.  Each deck includes a Stronghold, 5 province cards (4 neutral, 1 in clan), a 30 card dynasty deck, and a 30 card…

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Announcements – Recruiting

In the business of secrets, staying ahead has become increasingly more difficult. There are many new websites and blogs that have popped up since March.  It’s time for a recruitment effort. We are looking for folks who wish to join us to blog and podcast about L5R. Things you should…

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An Alliance with the Kobune Port Forum

Alliance between the Kolat Information Network and the Kobune Port Forums Exciting news comes from the Islands of Spice and Silk! Islands of Spice and Silk, 29th day of the Month of the Dragon – An treaty was signed forming an alliance between the Kobune Port Forums and the Kolat…

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Gempukku – An Introduction to L5R

With the impending relaunch in sight and the information drop coming on April 19th, I felt it was time to begin a new recruitment article.  This article is for those who have never heard of Legend of the Five Rings before. Note: I have no advanced knowledge of Fantasy Flight…

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The Oni’s Eye – Episode 10 – Kolat Recruiter

Welcome back sleeper agents!

Today’s episode is a short one but it focuses on what our plans are over the next several months in terms of recruitment as we explain what Legend of the Five Rings is to those who don’t know.


2015 The Thirteenth Black Scroll

The finals were between Issac Cynova (Mantis w/ Shika Sensei) vs. James Matthews (Phoenix).  Both players knew each other and their friendly and humorous banter between the two during the Finals made it very funny to watch. The Banter between the two made it seem like the game was between…

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Journal of the Tiger: Recaps each day at Gen*Con 2015

I will be doing a report each night and posting them along with photos. I am also going to do some recording as well. To all those who plan on making the journey, see you at Gen*Con!

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More news on Wisdom of the Thunders

Good evening agents. Madam Misaki geisha has obtained more information after her honoured guest had decided to return and enjoy the entertainment and plentiful sake on offer at her house. Each winner shall be able to select a thunder to bestow their guidance on their clan. Madam Misaki felt that…

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