The Oni’s Eye – Episode 10 – Kolat Recruiter

Welcome back sleeper agents!

Today’s episode is a short one but it focuses on what our plans are over the next several months in terms of recruitment as we explain what Legend of the Five Rings is to those who don’t know.


2015 The Thirteenth Black Scroll

The finals were between Issac Cynova (Mantis w/ Shika Sensei) vs. James Matthews (Phoenix).  Both players knew each other and their friendly and humorous banter between the two during the Finals made it very funny to watch. The Banter between the two made it seem like the game was between …

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Storms Never Fall T-Shirt Orders Extended

A couple of weeks ago I posted that I have special Mantis Clan T-Shirts thanks to the help of artist Jason Behnke for sale for pick up at Gen*Con. Those shirts are now available to order even if you are not going to be able to make it to Gen*Con.  All …

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Subversive Influence: Stand With The Mantis

As we stand against the darkness, many are wondering if the Mantis have a future in Rokugan. Some players and clans have never believed we ever belonged here as a Great Clan despite doing proofing time and time again that we are a Great Clan through our courage and our …

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Subversive Influence: Mantis Path

Now that everyone has had some time to digest what is happening to the Greatest Clan, I will give my thoughts on what the Mantis should do. To me, our clan direction should be a combination of all 3 choices. The Mantis should remain a Great Clan. During this time, …

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Storms Never Fall

We began as just a minor clan.  Today we become the GREATEST clan. Many of you know that I am a diehard Mantis fan and player.  I began playing after the Second Day of Thunder, after the legacy that created the legend of Yoritomo.  Yoritomo’s Alliance eventually broke up at the …

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The Scorpion Stings The Empire

Dear brothers, It is with a heavy heart that I report the news that the Spider, who won their first Kotei this past weekend have chosen to taint the Shrine to Yoritomo. We among the Mantis clan are devastated by this news. However, what angers us more would be the …

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My Bounties for Spring 2015 Kotei

Updated 4/24/15 Things have already gotten interesting already in the season. Adam Carey posted this via the L5R Facebook group: BOUNTY ALERT! – UPDATED We Scorpion are very appreciative of the Mantis saving our icons. And to thank them, I’m posting a bounty – any Spider player that wins a …

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Rokugan Lore: Yoritomo Raiden (now canon)

I haven’t written much of substance of late, mostly due to my intense 15 credit hour final semester for my Bachelor’s Degree.  Today however I wanted to speak a little about my character, the one that I got to name for The 6th Ring donation. First, let’s start with the …

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From the Sensei: Mantis Strategy for The New Order

by Julien Boles Unlike most of my esteemed colleagues in the Design Team, I never was a great tournament player before joining the team. Though I did win the occasional small tournaments here and there and often made Top 32/16, I have no big title to my pedigree. One of …

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