Black Sun Syndicate – Awakenings Metagame

Now that we have had time to acquire cards and actually have events, lets take a look at what the metagame actually looks like. Popular 2 Character Decks Elite Jango / Elite Veers One of the cheapest decks to get is Jango Veers.  The deck contains no Legendary cards. The …

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Kage Sensei: Understanding Metagaming in L5R

With Kotei season about to begin, I though this would be a good lesson to talk about for those players wanting to move up from casual level to competitive level. L5R is a complex game but understanding metagaming is a lesson on its own.

Formation of an L5R Team, The Tiger’s Claw

One of my aspirations as an L5R player was to affect the story of the game.  That can be difficult being only 1 person. As we all know, teams give you a better chance of accomplishing goals.  Look at the major examples in Legend of the Five Rings (The Dynasty, …

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