Torn Asunder – The Scorpion

Our agent got stuck in the Scorpion lands with Wednesday and Thursday preview links. Appearently, the Scorpion didn’t have a Trusting Instinct Well I guess we’ll go back to Reading the Essence and practicing our Defensive Stance The magistrate Doji Iza was found dueling a Dragon…in a rap contest?

Torn Asunder – The Dragon

Sorry about the delay on these previews guys.  Our agents were being interrogated by the Kitsuki in the Dragon lands. Bayushi Kazutoshi Experienced 2 Kitsuki Judgment A Threat Enacted Asako Izuna Experienced Warded Premises Yoritomo Harumi Now We Are Enemies & The Passing of Tradition Damaged Port & Recruitment Effort Generation Gap …

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Torn Asunder – The Crab

Our agents among the Yasuki have brought the Crab Clan preview link. Our messengers brought two previews from the Imperial Palace, Daigotsu Bofana Experienced & Spoils of Exploration Found at were the cards Brothers of the Great Lake & Imperial Deployment Our agents also found a preview on Facebook, …

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Torn Asunder – The Phoenix

The Phoenix previews took some work to smuggle through the Inquisitors. We had some trouble getting the preview through the Imperial Palace today as we had to Overpower them.

1/29 Torn Asunder Previews

Storming the Imperial Palace today was Ikoma Satoru Over at our friends at Strange Assembly are the previews, Witness the Untold & Drain of Effort The L5R facebook preview today is Hida Chiyurei, the Berserker Tactician

Torn Asunder – The Unicorn

Our messengers were late getting back from the Unicorn lands with today’s previews. Avenging the Fallen and Mutual Support were spied at the Endless Road Forums. Improper Papers were found at the Imperal Palace.  Maybe they should have used the Kolat to forge those papers ;).

1/26 Torn Asunder Preview Links

Sorry guys, these links are a bit late today. Chuda Kaito, Mumoku no Oni, Calling the Darkness, and Blood Wave are up at La Vos Akasha The Forgotten Bay Dojo and Touch of the Night are at The 6th Ring Mirumoto Kyoshiro is on Facebook Miryoku no Shima and Eye of the …

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1/24 Torn Asunder Previews

Our agents have today’s preview links: From the L5R Facebook page is the Scorpion personality, Soshi Shinoko From BoardGaming, comes the event Rejected Mediation and the holding Hero’s Memorial From the Imperial Palace comes the event Harbringers of War

Torn Asunder: The Crane

Our agents gathered all of today’s previews at the Home of the Crane Clan. From the Imperial Palace comes the Ninja follower, Goju Kaxt.

1/22 Torn Asunder Previews

Our agents have today’s Torn Asunder preview links below: Strange Assembly hosts the previews of the Celestial, Hachiman’s Prowess, and the Event, Revelations. Over at the Imperial Palace they are hosting the preview of the Celestial, Kurohito’s Perfection. Over at the L5R Facebook page they are hosting the preview of the Mantis …

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