Torn Asunder Preview: Journey’s End Keep Experienced

We just received word that the Imperial Legion has moved its base of operation to Journey’s End Keep.

Torn Asunder Preview Schedule

Our agents uncovered this information from the Imperial Palaces: Relations between the Empire and the Colonies have degraded to the point of violence, and a single Imperial Legion lays siege to the Second City in an attempt to bring order to the Colonies once more. The siege now comes to …

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Seeds of Decay previews start…Today!

From the L5R main page: Seeds of Decay, the latest set for L5R CCG, has a small portion of its stock releasing today at GenCon. Thus, as part of our preview schedule, each individual Clan Forums has been sent a special set of previews containing the Clan’s personalities and in …

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The Shadow’s Embrace: 6/18 Previews

More previews brought to you by the Kolat Information Network: Found on the Coliseo Forums are the previews Humble Farm and Paralyzing Touch.

The Shadow’s Embrace: 6/17 Previews

Three previews have been found by our agents: The last preview on the L5R Countdown is the Strategy, Shinobi Assault. The 6th Ring has the Spell, Channel the Moon. The Malaysia / Singapore Region L5R page has the Strategy, Serenity in Air.

The Shadow’s Embrace: 6/14 Previews

We have lots of cards that were spoiled today: The L5R Countdown card of the day is Sudden Movement. The L5R Facebook preview is Steady Resolve. Kyuden Holland had 2 previews, Preserving Beauty and Spiritual Manipulation. had 4 previews, Crippled Sensei, Crowded Streets, The Lesson of Earth, & Void …

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The Shadow’s Embrace: 6/12 Previews

The Kolat Information Network has brought us two previews this morning: On the L5R Facebook page is the spell, Your Heart’s Enemy On the L5R Countdown Page comes the Strategy, Grief

The Shadow’s Embrace: 6/9 Previews

Our agents have found 2 preview cards so far today: The L5R Facebook page has the preview card, The Victor The L5R Countdown page has the preview card, Blood of the Preserver

The Shadow’s Embrace: Dragon Clan Previews

Our agents were informed this morning that the Dragon Clan Previews are up at the Dragon Clan Forums. Also, the L5R Countdown card of the day is up and its the Strategy card, Forged Documents.

The Shadow’s Embrace: 6/7 Previews

Our agents have located 5 preview cards so far today: On the elfiver Blog they found Distant Expansion, Whispering Archive, Forthrightness and Fields of Victory. On the L5R countdown page, they found The Sun’s Aspiration.