Merchant’s Guide to Rokugan: PIASA Productions LLC

Merchant’s Guide to Rokugan is an overview of a merchant who does great work in our gaming world.  Specifically, these merchants would produce unique items that garner our unique tastes. Many of the players of the Midwest region know Frank Kallal.  Frank has been a player and a TO in the…

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The Oni’s Eye – Ivory Edition Dynasty Review

Please ignore the length of the video as it is not that long.
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The Oni’s Eye – Episode 4 – Aftermath Part 2

Sorry for the delay folks!

Michael Urbi is back on this episode to finish the review of the Aftermath set

The Oni’s Eye – Episode 3 – Aftermath Part 1

So I had promised a set review for Aftermath.  We got a little carried away, so I have had to split the episode into two parts for time reasons.  We try to go into depth about each card so that new players will understand.  Also, for these reason, we only talk about the cards from an Ivory perspective, both constructed and draft.

Kolat Information Network: Website Updates

  I would like to apologize for the lack of main page updates in the last couple of weeks. My plan was to have Dan Dineen, L5R Major Events Manager, on for episode 3 of The Oni’s Eye Podcast, however Dan is working on some thinks that are key to…

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Kage Sensei: Coils of Madness Set Review

Coils of Madness is the first duel bugged set thus the power level of the set is different from the rest of the sets in the Emperor Arc. I plan on ranking each card per their format: EE, IvE, and Draft on a scale of 1 to 5. 1: Best…

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Honor and Treachery – Older reprints in the Scorpion deck

Found by our spies in the Imperial Palace, here is a review of the older reprints in the Scorpion deck: Bushi Dojo was last printed back in Gold Edition, while the artwork hearkens back to the cards’ original printing back in Forbidden Knowledge.  This card continues the simplistic design of this learn to play…

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Honor and Treachery – Rest of the ‘New’ Cards

I used the word ‘new’ with a grain of salt as most of these cards are reprints of older personalities (aka Soul of).  Take note, that after communicating with the Oracle of the Void, each of the non-unique cards that have been previewed so far are printed in triplicate (3…

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The Shadow’s Embrace: Set Review and Top 10 Cards

I would like to apologize for the delay on this article. The Shadow’s Embrace brought every clan something useful or something powerful but some clans got some cards that the other clans are complaining about.  While this set isn’t on the same power level as Forgotten Legacy, this set was…

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