Fate Has No Secrets Story Insert – The Bright Flame of the World’s Glory by Nancy Sauer

and the new Emerald Champion is… The Bright Flame of the World’s Glory by Nancy Sauer

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The Chrysanthemum Throne Story Insert – Court Games by D.G. Laderoute

More stories coming in from the Imperial Court today: Court Games by D.G. Laderoute

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Superior Strategist – Fear the Dropbear

Fear the Dropbear: An Introduction I’m Shosuro Kiseki, one of the designers and pilots for what we’ve been calling the Scorpion Dropbear deck.  We present this deck because it represents a big departure from the way most players approach Legend of the Five Rings. While this list won’t necessarily be…

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Kolat Information Network – L5R LCG Poster

Thanks to an informant, Rafael Varo, who posted this link on my Facebook page. This is the first official information about the L5R LCG that we have seen. The image and information was found on Terra Ludica’s Facebook page: According to Terra Ludica: It’s highly official: we took this picture…

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The Oni’s Eye – Episode 10 – Kolat Recruiter

Welcome back sleeper agents!

Today’s episode is a short one but it focuses on what our plans are over the next several months in terms of recruitment as we explain what Legend of the Five Rings is to those who don’t know.


The Pincers and The Claws

It has come to my attention via one of our more prominent agents that we are being targeted by The Dojo of Lies: @Kolat_Informant Houston, we have a problem: http://t.co/jb8oeBFXpX — Daniel Briscoe (@DanielBriscoe) April 16, 2015   So in January the Scorpion Clan voted to use their points from…

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My Bounties for Spring 2015 Kotei

Updated 4/24/15 Things have already gotten interesting already in the season. Adam Carey posted this via the L5R Facebook group: BOUNTY ALERT! – UPDATED We Scorpion are very appreciative of the Mantis saving our icons. And to thank them, I’m posting a bounty – any Spider player that wins a…

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Which Clan Are You?

I always like to use a good explanation of each of the clans. This intro by Reginald Garth (The Angry Crab) during the L5R Experience gives some insight into each clan.  

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2007 Test of the Emerald Champion

The following information was taken from Dr. Zen Faulkes website, Steel and Iron: **Note: This is the first World Championship to included two players who had both won a World Championship previously.  Also, this is the first time that a dedicated dishonor deck would win Worlds.** At GenCon 2007, the…

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2002 Revelation of the Dark Lord

This tournament report and decklist is from Eugene Earnshaw archived at Dr. Zen Faulkes website Steel and Iron: For those of you who read my ridiculously long Kotei report, this’ll be a bit shorter, mostly because I can’t remember as many details. It’s still ridiculously long, though. 🙂 I had…

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