The Oni’s Eye – Episode 5 – The Scorpion’s Sting

It has been a while since our last audio episode, something I plan on correcting as we go forward.

In this episode, we introduce a new member to the team, Casey Smith.  Casey and I discuss the Ivory changes, story, our favorites through L5R history, and talk about the first 3 weeks of the Kotei Season.

Our New Fallen Lord

Another deck that has the pre-Kotei population buzzing is a deck based around the powerful Fallen personalities and dueling. There are a couple of flavors of this deck currently floating around.  Both of these decks use Military as its win condition and they use dueling to dishonor or remove key…

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The Peasants Revolt

With the official start of the Ivory Arc upon us, we have all begun testing decks in anticipation for Kotei season.  I have been watching games as well as gathering information on what each clan has to offer.  Today I am going to talk about the deck that seems to…

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Gates of Chaos: Scorpion Clan Previews PLUS Ivory Edition Design Diary Detailing Major Game Changes

Agents of the Kolat have managed to infiltrate the Dojo of Lies and bring information about the Scorpion’s Gates of Chaos previews. The new Ivory Edition Design Diary is up. Brian Reese details some major changes about the way L5R will be played in Ivory Edition: Ivory Edition Design Diaries:…

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Torn Asunder – The Scorpion

Our agent got stuck in the Scorpion lands with Wednesday and Thursday preview links. Appearently, the Scorpion didn’t have a Trusting Instinct Well I guess we’ll go back to Reading the Essence and practicing our Defensive Stance The magistrate Doji Iza was found dueling a Dragon…in a rap contest?

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Honor and Treachery – Older reprints in the Phoenix deck

We have intercepted these from the Imperial Palace, the older reprints in the Phoenix deck: Devoted Yojimbo was originally printed in The Truest Test.  This is useful follower for the Phoenix deck against the Scorpion deck.  I can’t see this getting any use in Emperor Arc however. Earth’s Embrace was…

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Honor and Treachery – Older reprints in the Scorpion deck

Found by our spies in the Imperial Palace, here is a review of the older reprints in the Scorpion deck: Bushi Dojo was last printed back in Gold Edition, while the artwork hearkens back to the cards’ original printing back in Forbidden Knowledge.  This card continues the simplistic design of this learn to play…

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Honor and Treachery – Cards with Alternate Art

Our agents have found cards with new artwork for Honor and Treachery, some that will become Emperor Edition legal for the first time: Block Supply Lines was already legal for Emperor Edition.  This is a simple card to understand so again DT did a great job here.  Other than the…

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Honor and Treachery – Rest of the ‘New’ Cards

I used the word ‘new’ with a grain of salt as most of these cards are reprints of older personalities (aka Soul of).  Take note, that after communicating with the Oracle of the Void, each of the non-unique cards that have been previewed so far are printed in triplicate (3…

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Honor and Treachery – New Personalities

Our Imperial Spies have reported the sighting of new personalities: Bayushi Kasumi is a simple personality.  A blank 4/3 for 7 (I mean 5, both these decks are military).  Kasumi has the Elite keyword which is important with the Towers of the Yogo since Kasumi will still contribute his 4…

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