More Than Meets The Eye – Underrated Battle Cards

Decepticon Soundwave back after a short hiatus. Today I’m going to go over some Battle Cards that seem to be underrated currently, but have potential either as good cards for particular matchups or gain value as the card pool increases. Combat Training is an interesting upgrade that can slot nicely…

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More Than Meets the Eye – The Odd Couple

Welcome to our strategy article series for Transformers TCG, More Than Meets the Eye. I’ve seen a lot of articles about ranking cards and specific tribes (cards, trucks, planes, tanks, etc). I’m going to do something a bit different.  I’m going to suggest some different but interesting team ideas. Shockwave…

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Superior Strategist – Fear the Dropbear

Fear the Dropbear: An Introduction I’m Shosuro Kiseki, one of the designers and pilots for what we’ve been calling the Scorpion Dropbear deck.  We present this deck because it represents a big departure from the way most players approach Legend of the Five Rings. While this list won’t necessarily be…

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Kage Sensei: Understanding Metagaming in L5R

With Kotei season about to begin, I though this would be a good lesson to talk about for those players wanting to move up from casual level to competitive level. L5R is a complex game but understanding metagaming is a lesson on its own.

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Kolat Information Network: Ivory Edition Common Sheet

I opened one of my Ivory Edition boxes and wrote up a common sheet list.  This is very useful for drafting Ivory. The document is posted over on Google Docs but I also have a copy linked in the menu.  I will do this for all Ivory legal sets going…

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2014 Kotei & Podcast News

2014 Kotei News John Seals attempted to post pictures of several items that are to be given away at the Kotei this season. Participation: half a Foil Common Set from Ivory (first 56 cards in early season, last 56 in later) Top of Clan: Foil Stronghold for your clan Top…

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The Peasants Revolt

With the official start of the Ivory Arc upon us, we have all begun testing decks in anticipation for Kotei season.  I have been watching games as well as gathering information on what each clan has to offer.  Today I am going to talk about the deck that seems to…

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Kolat Information Network: Ivory Previews

Welcome to our official previews for Ivory Edition.  We have four cards to reveal to you today, thanks to our man on the inside, L5R Community Manager Seth Anthony. This first card has a long history within the game and one that saddens us because of the effect it has…

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Kolat Information Network: Alternate Art Sneak Attack Promo

Kolat_Information_NetworkWhile checking out the updated Oracle of the Void today, I stumbled upon this promo:



Sneak AttackI have never seen this artwork before (Shen Fei piece is amazing) and it has the Ivory Edition wording despite only having the Emperor Edition bug.  Does anyone have a copy of this promo yet?


Journal of the Tiger: Grand Adventures CoM draft event

The 19th day of the month of the Serpent With the end of the arc coming soon, I decided to head up to Grand Adventures Comics in Murfreesboro, TN for their Torn Asunder / Coils of Madness draft event. This was my first time to Grand Adventures since they started…

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