Who We Are

When I was deciding on a theme for the blog before the launch, I was looking for the best spy network in Rokugan.  There was really only 2 options to me due to my understanding of the lore of the game – Scorpion or Kolat.  Mantis and Scorpion have has many issues going back to Aramasu during the Jade arc.  Since I was a Mantis player, I ended up not choosing the Scorpion and aligned with the Kolat.

The Kolat have been operating in the shadows of Rokugan for more than 1000 years.
There are many divisions of the Kolat.  We belong to the Silken Sect, the gatherers of information.

In 2011, the Kolat Information Network was born.
For the past 6 years, we have been the source for Legend of the Five Rings news and rumors from the Colonies to the Imperial Court.

“There is no escape from the Tiger.” – Master Silk